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"I’m the only one that cares about you"

when you hear those words, you turn tail and run as fast as you can. you run before it’s too late. These words are an abuse tactic

you are worth the world, and never, even in your darkest, believe that this one person is the only one who gives a shit. I have seen the kindness of strangers and friends alike, and you are not unloved. do not believe them.

Know this.



Yet another translation error i found that’s gonna break all of your hearts if you guys haven’t heard of it yet!(haven’t read mangastream’s ver so im not sure if they’ve already covered this ahah;;)

In Law’s speech bubble(from the Chinese translation), he actually says, “Corazon…My illness can never be cured…Plus the pain in my heart is growing stronger and stronger(literal translation)/Plus it’s making the pain in my heart unbearable.(rephrased translation)”

I’m not really sure how to translate the last part of Law’s sentence since it’s supposed to bring across how the pain in his heart is growing from their numerous hospital visits and is almost unbearable, and he’s suffering from it, basically. He doesn’t say most of that but the words used implies it so im not really sure how to translate it accurately?? But yeah that’s the gist of it.

拘拉松… (corazon)

我的病是治不好的… (there’s no cure for the disease I have)

而且我心裡現在越求越痛苦了… (and I’m in even worse pain now, with all this searching)

is how i’d say it in a very basic way

but yeah it is tricky because the 在 says to me that the pain he’s really upset by is more of ‘the emotional/mental pain that’s manifested inside him’, and 了 = “the more I search, the worse the pain becomes”




//Absurdly helpful for people writing royal characters and/or characters who interact with royalty and members of the nobility.


Citizen is simpler and more beautiful~ but just in case anyone needs this.


in medieval times you ONLY addressed a king/queen with “Your Majesty”, NEVER “Your Highness”.  To address a king/queen with “Your Highness” was considered an insult.




Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads

Okay I’m reblogging this again because I want to point out how beautiful this is and the sheer number of stereotypes it disproves. The stereotype that a gay couple cant be good parents. The stereotype that men know nothing about caring for girls’ hair. The stereotype that all gay men are feminine. The stereotype that black men abandon their children. The stereotype that people with a lot of tattoos aren’t caring. The stereotype that black people are too lazy to care about things like school- This picture is a beautiful thing and I love everything about it and it makes me regain confidence in the world we live in



"At Rio Americano High School in Sacramento CA, a student named Dejza, was violently assaulted by a vice principal, Matt Collier, for attempting to take back a piece of art with a political message that the administration didn’t like. She was put in a chokehold and slammed against the desk. When she tried to resist this unlawful abuse of authority, she was slammed and held onto the ground. Matt Collier laid on top of her, crushing her with his weight. Dejza could not breathe, and begged Collier to get off of her. Luckily, another faculty member came in and ended the situation. Dejza went to see a doctor for severe whiplash, and yesterday was her first day of physical therapy. Despite this being blatantly wrong and illegal, the administration has put her on suspension for resisting, and Collier was not disciplined. On the fifth day of her suspension, she will attend a meeting held by bias members of the administration to determine if she will be expelled.

They have tried to silence anyone who speaks out on social media, but today we have gathered in person for a silent sit-in protest.

Dejza has been wronged, and brutalized, and now she is receiving punishment. They’ve tried to silence her. They’ve tried to silence us.” -Grant Wright 

One of my friends Grant posted this on facebook and even though im not in Sacramento I want to help. This girl has been mistreated by a full grown man who may never be punished. I want to help spread awareness. So please, spread this around. Let people know that this is NOT okay. The more support we have, the better. 

i’m so proud to have been a part of this today but you guys please please please please reblog/spread this around any way you possibly can it’s so important and her story needs to be heard by people outside of our city because what this man did is so so so incredibly far from okay




Okay, I know this happened a while ago as well, but it seems to be happening again. Bolded text, sometimes underlined, with a green link symbol in the right corner. DO NOT CLICK THEM. Most of the time, you can scroll over it and it will show you a download thing. Please please don’t click it, doing so can place viruses on your computer or laptop. So, SIGNAL BOOST PLEASE. Get everyone to know that it’s happening once again, and hopefully it will be fixed so we can all resume tumbling.

I remember I used to get these things, and it was because something had downloaded itself onto my extensions in chrome, so if you see these, check your extensions/apps that you have in your browser and disable/delete any you don’t recognize

If you see your dash spiked with these, then congratulations. You already HAVE a virus. More specifically malware. I can only recommend to install Malwarebytes to get rid of it before it manifests and crashes everything you love. Trust me, I just lost my last laptop to that shit.

"Is this for the sake of "D"..? No.. I don’t care about that anymore. I just felt sympathy… for this stupid little runt… who’s never known anything but pain… and although he’s probably never been told it… for such little brat who’s still so young… to say "I’m already going to die…"… - I just feel so sorry for you. I know back then… you stabbed me… didn’t even hurt…!! You were the one that was hurting… so all I could do was feel compassion for you..!” - Donquixote Rocinante

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